Amur Leopard

Leopard 1_2007_cropped

This is an Amur Leopard, the majority of this species lives in far east Russia in a temperate weather habitat. This animals has been seen to leap 19 feet in the air, 10 feet long, or run 37 mph. when it mates and has a family most of the time they stay with there partner for the rest of its’ life. They can live 10-15 years in the wild or captivity. The reason this animal is killed and endangered is because they are wanted for there beautiful coats. Each coat can cost $500 – $1000 dollars depending on the condition and size of the coat. Another reason they are endangered is because of the logging and other things that destroy there habitat are also killing there food sources. When this happens they can’t find food and they ned up starving.  There are only about 60 individuals left in the wild. Please help save the Amur Leopard from extinction. 


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