Javan Rhino


This animals is one of the most endangered animals on the face of the Earth. There are only an estimated 60 left in the wild. These animals can weigh from 1,984-5,071 pounds. They live in Tropical Forests in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, and the Philippines. The last Javan Rhino that lived in Vietnam died in 2010 due to one of the causes of there extinction, Poaching. Another thing that makes them endangered is the reduced genetic diversity, Low genetic diversity could make it hard for the species to re populate and possibly make a comeback. Another reason is the disease that is though to be spread by the wild cattle to the rhinos when they interact. The last main reason they are going extinct is because of the Arenga palm, a native but invasive species that leaves no food for rhinos. Please help save the Javan Rhino from complete extinction.



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