Leatherback Turtle


These turtles are named after there softer or leather like shells. This species is also the largest sea turtle species in the world. The turtle can weigh from 660-1500 pounds and can grow to be 63 inches long. These turtles are also one of the most migratory turtles and they travel both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.  One thing that is causing them to be extinct is called Egg Collection. This is when Poachers roam nesting grounds for the turtle and steal there eggs. This normally happens at night so they cant be seen. Another reason they are critically endangered is Fishing By-catch. Fishing By-catch is normally an accident and is caused when fishermen try to catch one species but other animals swim into the neat. The last reason is habitat loss. They live in the coral reefs and when oil spills or a boat floats over the reef it can destroy the reef and break down there homes.  Please help save the Leatherback Turtle from complete extinction.


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