Mountain Gorilla


This is the Mountain Gorilla they can live at elevations up to 13000 feet. Most of this species lives in the Congo Basin. There are about 880 left in the wild and the reason is because of Poaching. Poaching is when a person illegally kills an animal. Many scientists believe that where they live in is not strong enough to support them also known as  Human Encroaching is when the natural home or environment of an animal is unable to support the animal. Another thing is Habitat loss, in 2004 humans cleared 3,700 acres of habitat for these animals. A very different cause of extinction is that these Gorillas can get human diseases. They can die from catching a common cold. The last thing that effects there population is the charcoal making in the area in which they live. The gorillas can overheat and chock on the fuel that is created when making charcoal. Please help save the Mountain Gorilla from complete extinction.


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