Red Panda


The Red Panda is not critically endangered but it is considered with its estimated population at 10,000 and decreasing every year. These animals live in temperate forests and they live high up in the canopy of trees. They are sometimes called “Ponya” by the native people, “ponya” means bamboo or plant eating, which is kind of ironic considering they are carnivores as well.  The Red Panda uses its tail for balance as it climbs and scales the tree tops hunting and looking for food. The tale is also used to keep them warm during the cold winters of the Himalayas. The Red Panda isn’t actually a panda, scientist are actually unsure of what classification it belongs to. One of things that causes there population to decrease is that they accidentally get caught in traps intended for other animals. They are also poached for there valuable fur. There have been sighting or red panda hats or caps for sale in China and Myanmar.  Please help save the Red Panda from complete extinction.


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