This is a Saola, it is known as the “Asian Unicorn” to some people. There is such little known about this species, there is none in captivity and there have only been four recorded sighting of it in the wild. Its population is unknown, and it lives in evergreen forests with little to no dry seasons. This species was first discovered in May of 1992. There horns can grow up to be 20 inches in length and the animal can weigh up to 220 pounds. There is so little known about this animal and many are unsure of its origins. One of the reasons it is so rare and endangered is habitat loss due to logging. Also another thing is bad about habitat loss is that it get rid of where they live making it easier to be accessed by hunters and poachers. Hunting is the other reason this species is unknown. There high demand in medicines and remedies in China make them very valuable and expensive. Please help save the Saola from complete extinction.


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