Sumatran Elephant


The Sumatran Elephant lives in the moist tropical forests of Borneo and Sumatra. The Sumatran elephant has a very important role in the forests ecosystem. They help spread seeds and other things that help there habit grow. They share the forests with many other endangered animals such as the Sumatran rhino, tiger, and orangutan which are also futures on my website. They are only an estimated 2,400-2,800 elephants of this type left in the wild. They can weight up to 5 tons and stand from 5-9 feet tall. One of the main reasons that these animals are so endangered is because of poaching. Their tusks can be used for so many things and they are so valuable. The ivory in there tusks can be used in many different thing such as piano keys, jewelry, ornaments, and many other thing for human enjoyment. Ivory could be sold for about $1000 dollars per pound. The other main reason that causes them to be critically endangered is the Human-Elephant conflict, because of deforestation this forces many elephants to move through heavily human populated areas. This makes them trample over crops, houses, cattle, and sometimes humans. So when a person sees a elephant near there fields they shoot the elephant to protect themselves and there belongings. Please help save the Sumatran Elephant from complete extinction



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