Sumatran Rhino


The Sumatran Rhino live in the same region as the Sumatran Elephant, but the rhino lives in the dense highland. The rhino can weigh up to 275 pounds. There are an estimate 1,300-2,000 let in the wild. When people and organizations protect these rhinos they protect many other species indirectly.One of the main reasons that causes them to be endangered is illegal wildlife trading. It is believed that the horn of the Sumatran Rhino can cure cancer. This is not at all proven but is only a theory by the people of that area. This is why these rhinos are so heavily hunted, is for the “need” of rhino horns that “cures” cancer. Another reason that these rhinos are endangered is because of deforestation. They are losing there habitat to the native who use there habitat as farm lands to plant coffee and rice. Please help save the Sumatran Rhino from complete extinction



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