Fishing By-Catch

Turtle stuck in a fishing net

Fishing Bycatch happens when fishermen are trying to catch a specific species and other animals get attracted by the bait and are accidentally caught. “Every year 7.3 million tons of marine life are caught incidentally” ( Over 300,00 whales, dolphins, and other porpoises are caught accidentally each year. Most of the time it is the smaller species of these animals that get caught in these nets. Another thing that happens when bycatch occurs is that the corals get caught in the nest and they end up breaking. Over 58% of the worlds coral reefs are at risk because of humans and what they do in and around the reefs. We have lost about 27% of the worlds coral reefs mainly due to the human activities. If this destruction continues over the next thirty years 60% of the coral reefs will have been destroyed. Please help save the coral marine life from fishing bycatch


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