Hunting for Ivory

Things made out of ivory

Tens of thousands of elephants are hunted each year for their valuable ivory. The ivory is used for many things such as jewelry and ornaments. China has the biggest “demand” for ivory. The Chinese people don’t understand what is goes on to obtain the ivory. Even though elephant poaching has been banned internationally because of such the high want of it, it is still done illegally. Two male elephant tusks can weigh up to about 250 pounds which is worth about $1,500 on the black market. The biggest tusks are normally found on the biggest males and the older females, so the bigger the tusks the more money. Also these specific elephants lead the herds and if they are killed the elephants must find a new leader of the herd throwing off the whole system. This also makes the elephants very sad because elephants are very social animals and herds are normally very close like families. According to “The Week” “poachers will kill the elephants by putting a certain chemical in their watering whole. Last year hunters killed nearly 300 elephants in Zimbabwe’s population”(The Week). Please help stop the killing of elephants for their tusks



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